Standard Tables

Default HTML tables are still a perfectly appropriate method for displaying tabular data on the web.

These are default HTML tables for displaying tabular data on screens with different sizes, including small-screen mobile devices. The tables are added using the Standard Table element (widget).

This is an optional table caption
Movie Title Genre Year Gross
Star Wars Adventure, Sci-fi 1977 $460,935,665
Howard The Duck Comedy 1986 $16,295,774
American Graffiti Comedy, Drama 1973 $115,000,000
First column is used here as row labels
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Table with small font size
Name Position Office Age Start date Salary
Airi Satou Accountant Tokyo 33 2008/11/28 $102,700
Brenden Wagner Software Engineer San Francisco 28 2011/06/07 $86,850
Dai Rios Personnel Lead Edinburgh 35 2012/09/26 $137,500
Fiona Green Chief Operating Officer (COO) San Francisco 48 2010/03/11 $450,000
Hermione Butler Regional Director London 47 2011/03/21 $226,250
Hope Fuentes Secretary San Francisco 41 2010/02/12 $99,850
Michael Bruce Javascript Developer Singapore 29 2011/06/27 $133,000